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Hello everyone!
Do you write Guild Wars 2 Fanfiction?
Want a chance to get paid for it with in game gold as well as having it on the front page of a website for GW2 stories?
Well, I have exciting news then! Over at Chronicles of Tyria, we are holding another contest to bring a new writer (or writers) onto our team! 

Here’s a quote from our Editor-in-chief to explain a bit further:

"About Chronicles of Tyria

Chronicles of Tyria began as a fan fiction website in 2012, following the first narrative stories of tyrian characters. As the community grew, so did the website, evolving from being fan fiction only to having a weekly podcast , forums, memes and a lot more.


To celebrate the second anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the upcoming feature pack, as well as the anniversary of CoT’s creation, we are launching a brand new writing contest. The contest winner will have the opportunity to become a permanent writer for the website. This is a long-term opportunity, with significant potential to get your name and work out into the Guild Wars 2 community in addition to being able to have access to a platform to publish your creativity.


Introduce your character to the readership in approximately 1,500 words. Either a prologue to the story that you will pursue, or the first chapter of said story, will be acceptable.


  • First place : Permanent position on the CoT writing team
  • Second place : Permanent position on the writing team or submission added as a one-shot (Will be decided by the staff of CoT)
  • Third place : Submission added as a one-shot to the website

Payment System

With this new contest, we are introducing a payment system for our writing team. This will be an in-game system that will grant every writer 5 gold for every post they publish. This system has been put it in place to acknowledge the time our writers take out of their free time, as well as the game, to help the website.

For more information about the specifics of the contest and how to become part of the CoT writing team. Click Here

~Jalinar, Editor-in-chief of Chronicles of Tyria”

If you have any friends/followers who may be interested, please help us pass this along!

Oh, if only! Signal boosting for my followers.

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I love your twi'lek characters! Any chance we'll get some smut? ;)
Anonymous asked

First of all, yay and thanks! I always love to hear when people like my stuff!

As to the smut…it’s not an impossibility? However there are several factors in play here…for one, I’m not generally interested in writing smut. If it happens, it happens, but it’s extremely rare for me to go ‘okay, time to write some smut’. I am usually more interested in the connections and conflict between the characters that go on before and after the actual act.

I’m also cognizant and wary of fetishization. I write about lesbian relationships. I’m not a lesbian. I am trying to be respectful of other people’s sexuality. That’s not to say I wouldn’t or won’t write it, but like I said…pretty much only if it happens organically in the story.

I’m not trying to shame anyone who does like to write smut for smut’s sake. I enjoy reading it. Please don’t ever stop! I’m just saying that this is why you don’t see tons of it from ME.

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liking the idea that some of the younger clanswomen would start a band or two and fuse traditional Twi’lek and Clan folk songs and poems with ‘modern’ music, something faster and more energetic that would make the elders frown, and that there would be space versions of underground demos and tape trading

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Participate in a Survey About Gender Diversity in Video Games


Take the survey everyone, let’s tell them what is important to us in video games.

Let’s do this.

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i don’t even know

* * * * *

Sal had stripped The Adjuster and was buffing the contacts on one of the power cells when Mako stormed in. She said nothing, but she was obviously agitated. She opened a cabinet, stood looking at it for a moment, then slammed the door and turned, arms crossed, butt against a workbench. Her brows furrowed over her cybernetic eyepieces.

"Something botherin’ you, sweetie?" Sal asked, her attention on the power cell.


Sal just waited, patiently buffing. Once the contacts were clean, she set it down and picked up the next one.

"The Lady of Pain, though? Really?"

Sal grinned, still not looking up from her work.
“She was a real treat, wasn’t she? Bless her black little heart.”

Mako scoffed.

"You were flirting with her."

Now Sal set the cell down and looked up at Mako.

"Sugar, I flirt with everyone," she said.

Mako frowned.

"Yeah, I know…but her?"

"She ain’t no worse than plenty we’ve run across."

Mako pushed away from the table.

"I dunno, I guess I just think…you could do better," she said, sweeping her arm out wide.

"Well, ain’t you sweet. You got someome in mind?"

"No," Mako replied. "I just…I mean…you deserve someone nice. Someone devoted to you. Someone who will always have your back."

Sal’s grin grew broader, but Mako wasn’t paying attention.

"You’re always helping people and never ask for anything without a fair trade…I just think you should have someone who looks out for you and cares about you."

"Honey, I already got someone like that."

Mako spun around.

"You do? Who? Why didn’t you tell me? Who is it? Is it someone I know? "

"It’s you, sugar."

"Oh very funny," Mako snorted.

Sal rose up from the table.

"C’mere and give your Aunt Sal a kiss."

"Ha ha oh no you crazy woman, you stay away from me," Mako warned. She started edging away as Sal came around the table.

"Gimme some sugar, sugar!"

Mako shrieked and bolted for the door, Sal hot on her heels.

"You’re too old and slow to catch me, you nutcase!" Mako called over her shoulder as her boots hammered the deck plates.

"I got a grapple, hon," Sal called back.

"You wouldn’t dare!" Mako laughed.

"Try me!"

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She’s an NPC from the Bounty Hunter class quest. Her name is “the Lady of Pain”.

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"Hello there, sugar…"

Mako: *silently judging*

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'Aunt Sal' and Mako taking in the sights on Tatooine

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Matriarch Salja of House Nota is the quintessential ‘gunslinger with a heart of gold’. Even the hardest, most bloodthirsty, and most vicious hunters call her “Aunt Sal”. She packs a truly enormous blaster that she refers to as ‘The Adjuster’ and takes no shit from nobody no how.

She calls everyone things like ‘sugar’ and ‘sweetie pie’, drinks hard liquor, and smokes death sticks. If you pay her fees and don’t dick her around she’ll be your Aunt Sal too…but cross her, and she’ll be your doom.

If she likes you, she’ll put her feet up on your desk. If she doesn’t, she won’t even sit down. She uses ‘bless your heart’ as an insult and ‘you little shit’ as a term of endearment. Her potty mouth can make a sailor blush.

In her youth she was a soldier in the Imperial Army and fought in a couple of bloody, brutal campaigns. She finally decided that if she was going to shoot people, it was going to be on her own terms. She left her medals behind with her uniform and never looked back.

Every so often her former squad mates and commanding officers track her down and try to get her to come back. When they do, she usually pulls up stakes and heads for the Outer Rim. She’ll laugh and say she doesn’t want the responsibility; she likes being her own boss; maybe there’s a court martial waiting for her…but while her mouth is smiling, her eyes are haunted.

Salja is a fourth generation clanswoman; her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were born in the Clan. Her proper Twi’lek name is Sal’jano’tash’aala (her honorific, Fyuri, has not been a part of her family’s Clan names since her grandmother’s time). She has been passed over for the position of Grand Matriarch twice, largely because she has a real issue with authority…although it is highly doubtful that she would have accepted anyway.

Despite her issues, she has immense respect for the current Grand Matriarch Azuzu. They have had a past together at some point, though no one knows what or when, and neither Salja or Azuzu is interested in sharing. Some suspect that they served together at some point; Azuzu has never mentioned being in the military, but she drives a speeder that looks like a service vehicle (the Walkhar Auspice, if you’re curious). Salja, of course, rarely drives a speeder when she can ride.

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i tried.


i tried.