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that thing where you’re lying on your back and scrolling through tumblr and you drop your phone on your face

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MAY have found a place to live. Here’s hoping they accept our application out of the pile.

In other news, the Google Docs app is being a fucking petulant child and refusing to pull up stuff I put in both Docs AND Drive on my computer.

I want to write and I need to be able to do so on my phone. Blargh.

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Anthony Mackie as Captain America, Sam Wilson

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was going to call my Hobbit-like race “Tinkers” but it turns out that’s a slur against Irish Travellers.

back to the drawing (writing?) board…

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Palettes for today! :>

Today I met Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear at a book signing and it was awesome! ;o;


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Dear everyone:

Please give Tat all the awards kthx

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When you have the inspiration to write, and it’s there in your head, but you literally cannot get it down. 


I feel this so hard right now

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no but house hunting kinda sucks though

Posted 1 week ago

sometimes I think the GW2 community is more mature than the SWTOR community

and then I log in and see someone named “Fartsucker” and I think, mmm, maybe not

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Traditional Scottish folk song re-imagined by Canada’s “folk-punk” renegades The Real McKenzies.

(psst scribblingbearcat )