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me: I don’t like Agents
me: *makes an eyepatch-wearing, thigh boot-stomping, cleavage-flashing Twi’lek that would easily be at home as a major G.I. Joe villainess*
me: …
me: …
me: …I like Agents

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I really love your Shaala clan idea! Would you consider letting other people join?
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I gotta admit that taking in other folks never really occurred to me, so, uh…I’m not really sure how that would work.

But heck yeah! I’m all for that!

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This is literally how I plot RP with my friends.

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For Scribs.

* * * * *

When Zeenah stepped off the shuttle, her padawan Pru was waiting. She swayed forward slightly as though she was going to charge at Zeenah, but she held her position and bowed.

"Master," the little Pureblood murmured. "You look…different." She fell into step beside Zeenah as she strode along the walkway, barefoot as she always was, feeling Coruscant’s hum through her calloused soles.

"As do you, my padawan. I think your hair is a little longer."

They walked together in silence for a while, but Zeenah could tell Pru was agitated.

"When brewing caf, if you do not take the lid off the kettle, the steam will blow it off."

Pru frowned. Zeenah noted with an internal smile that she took the little metaphor wholly in stride.

"I…it’s just that…you know, the whole attachment thing…"

Zeenah froze.

She had spent countless hours arguing with the Council about attachment. She had told them that if they were going to make her choose between her clan and the Order, that she would turn in her lightsaber on the spot. They had called her bluff. She had, in fact, been home for a week before they recanted. But it was still a source of contention.

She felt a twinge of…not anger, exactly. Anger was not her way. Irritation, perhaps. It seemed that in her absence, the Council had seen fit to get inside her padawan’s head. If Kaedan thought…

Pru sighed.

"It’s just that…I missed you, Master."

Zeenah stood there for a moment, mind roiling with the turmoil she had left behind and the trials she saw ahead until it became clear that Pru was becoming uncomfortable.

There is peace.

She reached out her hand and rested it on Pru’s shoulder. They both stared at it for a moment, much as one would stare at a live crab that had suddenly fallen from the sky and landed in the midst of their afternoon tea.

She let her hand drop.

"We have much to do and much to catch up on, my padawan. I daresay it will not be long before you wish I was back on the shuttle."

Pru looked at her for a long moment, searching her eyes. Finally she smiled.

"As you say, Master. I’ve found some interesting texts I’d like to show you…"

As they continued walking, Pru chatting quietly at her side, Zeenah smiled.

She had left home, and returned home.

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Shaala and Combat.

Combat is central to clan life.

When the clan’s founder, the dancer/assassin Shaala, began to gather others under her banner, she knew that escaped slaves and prostitutes would have angry former owners coming after them. The first thing any newcomer was taught was a selection of self defense moves, focusing on incapacitation and evasion/escape. These basic moves became the backbone of the clan’s combat techniques. As the clan grew, the techniques evolved and changed and incorporated varying other techniques such as grappling and sleeper holds, and fighting with whatever weapon one could find.

As many of the girls were dancers, the style incorporated movements that they had already been trained to do, and was surprisingly graceful and beautiful to watch. In the clan’s present, it has become formalized and ritualized, and each House has a distinctive style of its own.

It is called sien’jela which roughly translates to “maiden sword”; the grammatical placeholder apostrophe in this case refers to a lekku language movement representing “be/to be/becoming”.

House Kanpa’s style focuses on defensive forms, blocks, throws, joint locks and knock-downs.

House Sinya’s style is meant to disable or cripple the opponent and relies on subterfuge and evasion.

House Nota’s style is direct and aggressive and features punch/kick and body blow combinations.

House Riyn’s style is meant to deliver killing blows quickly and efficiently. It is much more weapon dependent than the other styles, but its practitioners are trained to swiftly assess their environments and turn anything and everything into a weapon.

All clanswomen are expected to train at least the basic forms originally taught by Shaala, and are continually tested to keep their skills sharp.

The clan guard, the Shaa M’atar, are held to a much higher standard, and the competition to be accepted is very fierce and has on rare occasions been deadly.

Once one has entered the Shaa M’atar, they are a member for life (they undergo a scarification ritual to mark them). However only the eight most recent tournament winners are on “active duty”. Once the next tournament comes, they step down.

The Clan will hire out Shaa M’atar who are not on active duty as mercenaries, though they are extremely selective as to the jobs they will take and are very expensive.

The Clan will generally not teach sien’jela to anyone not in the clan, although there is precedent for exception: a Shaa M’atar merc taught the basic forms to a group of escaped slaves living in the hidden tunnels deep under Nar Shaddaa, despite the fact that they refused to leave the home they had built for themselves to join the clan.

The Clan will not teach sien’jela to a non-Twi’lek. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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-flails about GW2-
-flails a lot-

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Reblog if you would play a video game with a trans protagonist


I just want to see how many people would be in favor of me having a trans main char for my independent game I’m designing for a competition.

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Clan guard = Shaa M’atar

(headcanon: an apostrophe in a Twi’lek name represents a grammatical ‘placeholder’ for a lekku movement in Ryl)

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Shaala and the Force.

Part 1/?

For the members of Clan Shaala, the Clan is everything. It supersedes all political institutions and divisions. It has become an entity all on its own, and its founder (a Twi’lek dancer and assassin named Shaala, of course) has grown to legendary, even mythical stature.

Because the Clan was founded to help, it does tend to skew toward the Light side among its Force users, even those who live in the Empire and train among the Sith. However, the governing concept of the Clan is balance, so Dark Side Force users are just as welcome in Shaala as are Light. If a Shaala Jedi and a Shaala Sith met on the field of battle, each would sooner take their own life than the life of a fellow clanswoman.

In many ways Shaala Jedi have the hardest lot. Becoming a Jedi means making sacrifices, and the bond to the Clan is one they cannot break. Many Shaala Force users have been rejected from the ranks of the Jedi for their refusal to give up this bond. However in some, such as Master Zeenah, the bond translates to a force of will that has allowed them to overcome this obstacle. Such cases are rare, however, and most often a saber-wielding Shaala is a Clan guard (or a Sith) and not a full Jedi.

Because of this the Jedi Council has expressed repeated concerns that (as Master Kaedan so eloquently put it) “the whole mess of witches is going to become a black hole of rogue Sith”. To that end they have appointed an “advisor” from the council to act as liaison between the two (psst hey anyone got a free Jedi that they’d like to put in an awkward and thankless job?).

The Sith, on the other hand, have no concern or interest in Shaala since they are not a political threat to anyone but themselves. At one point a Dark Council member sent an Imperial Agent to attempt to infiltrate the Clan to see if there were any worthwhile recruits to be had; the official report was that Shaala was “a useless gaggle of tired strippers and old whores”.

(needless to say, said Agent is now a member of House Riyn.)

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