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FINALLY got to do some RP replies! Still have a couple asks in my box, which need sit-down responses, but yay! Feels good, man. Feels good. Thank you all for being so patient.

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I need to stop making characters to fill slots and balance the sides and just wait until concepts come to me. Last night I cleared out a bunch of lowbie alts that were just taking up space…and it’s not the first time I’ve had to do that.

But I’m glad I did because I ended up having this idea for Force-sensitive Twi’lek twins who are blind from birth having left Clan Shaala to train with a Miralukan Jedi Master and ALL THE FEELS and I wouldn’t have had the space to make them because my slots were full of filler alts.

So yeah…Vrinna and Trinna, the Blind Swordswoman and the Veiled Shadow…they learned to “see” with the Force…not in an “oh look they have a disability HA HA not really” kind of way, because that’s annoying and frankly disrespectful IMO. I’m thinking more like Toph in ATLA, how she can sense things when in contact with the earth but she is still blind. Their blindness affects them in a sight-biased universe.
“Why not just get cybernetics?”

Two reasons: one, they are blind due to a degenerative genetic disorder. The cybernetics would only last so long before having to be replaced, and neither of them wants to go through multiple invasive surgeries when two: they get along pretty well as they are. It’s inconvenient and frustrating at times, but they are Jedi, and in the greater scope of things, it’s just not that big of a deal to them.

And anyone who thinks they’re ‘handicapped’ is welcome to step into the training ring with them.

p.s. anyone have a Miralukan Jedi in need of a pair of adorable padawans?

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Had a pretty good visit with my dad. Despite the fact that we never talk, we both let go of a bunch of shit that we’ve been holding on to. It was good…healing, even.

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The yurt ot3
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Yay, an easy one! The character writing meme thingy (~3-5 basic concepts about) my fave GW2 characters :)

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Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

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say what you will about fangirls but when someone says ‘fangirling’ i think of excitement and unbridled glee and undignified noises of delight but when someone says ‘fanboying’ i think of impotent rage and insecurity and disproportionate aggression

I fangirl. It’s fun.

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These are the statues I was talking about from Makeb. I don’t think they’re Twi’leks after all.

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also discovered that the ladies in my Pureblood legacy on Harbinger all correlate with clones on Orphan Black

Avaryss: Haughty, aloof, manipulative, possibly psychotic. She is Rachel.

Ki’anna: Uptight, concerned with image, suppressed dark side, possibly homicidal. She is Alison.

Zu’anna: Intellectual, free-spirited, bit of a “den mother”. She is Cosima.

Silk: Selfish, con artist, fiercely protective of her daughter. She is Sarah.

(I have a possible Helena too but more on her later)

Bonus: Sabitajj as the ex-military hardass handler who falls for her charge. She is Paul.

I’m gonna start referring to them as the Clone Club…and I think I’m gonna run with that idea for their story. After all, there are plenty of people who RP Sith Purebloods that are running some sort of eugenics program…

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some caps I forgot about

L: Matriarch Salja of House Nota (Clan Shaala) with Mako in the bg trying to look badass.

R: Zu’anna…this is possibly one of my favorite caps of her so far. That faace.

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